Our goal is to help you prepare for your best racing season ever, through an exciting week of hard training, healthy eating, and restful sleep. Additionally, we'll introduce you to beautiful and fun-filled Colorado, with its pure fresh pine air, and smooth, picturesque mountain roads. You'll leave with increased fitness and lifelong memories and experiences. We'd love to make our camp part of your yearly preparation strategy.

The first step enjoying the Colorado Cycling Camp is to be in shape. That being said, you don't need to be race ready; however, we suggest that you ride (spin easy) approximately 1/2 to 1 hour every other day at least 3 weeks prior to your arrival at the camp, even if you have to ride the trainer or rollers. Also add a jog, long walk, or other moderate physical activity, such as basketball or swimming, every other day. Remember the trick is every other day. This gives your body a chance to heal and grow and avoid injuries.

Be sure your bike and equipment are ready to ride. Try not to make any drastic changes to your bike or shoes before the trip.

The camp is recommended for experienced or licensed riders and racers. Rides will entail descending mountains at high rates of speed.

Be Organized

To make your trip go as smoothly as possible, it helps to be well organized. Follow this checklist to take the stress out of packing:

a. Plane tickets, cash, travelers' checks and/or credit cards/debit cards.
b. Well-maintained bike packed in a sturdy box or case for traveling.
c. Cycling clothes. Note there are laundry facilities available, so don't over pack.
d. Cool weather clothes such as arm & knee warmers, warm gloves, undershirts, heavy socks, raincoat, wind stopper vest and light shoe covers.
e. Cycling shoes and helmet.
f. Pajamas, casual clothes for before and after the rides and for dinner.
g. Toiletry items.
h. Swimsuit.
i. Sunglasses and sun block.
j. Camera.
k. Preferred special energy drinks, food and snacks.

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